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0001510Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2021-08-07 08:36
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Summary0001510: Browsers Basilisk and Palemoon are unable to produce a valid CSR, at least on Windows 10
DescriptionThere were updates to the both named browsers yesterday (20210311). After that, no valid CSR could be produced for client certificates using Basilisk or Palemoon browser, under the Windows 10 OS (Insider last Build 21301, dated 20210123). The Seamonkey browser (with no updates) worked OK.
So I would like recommend to implement the CAcert web update proposal suggested in the problem 1502--5956 ASAP. There is possibility, that after Seamonkey browser will be next updated, it also will lost the ability to produce a valid CSR.
Steps To ReproduceTry to create a new client certificate using Palemoon or Basilisk browser. You will end with the well known error message "...use another browser."
TagsBasilisk, browsers, client certificate, issuing, Palemoon
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2021-08-07 07:59

manager   ~0006058

Solved by browsers Authors.


2021-08-07 08:24

manager   ~0006059

Hi Ales, what do you mean?


2021-08-07 08:36

manager   ~0006060

This item should be closed, as both browsers are already fixed.
What means they are able again to produce CSRs.

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