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0001531test.cacert.orgtest.cacert.orgpublic2021-06-27 19:57
Reportertim.devries Assigned Totim.devries  
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Summary0001531: login continually fails. certificates are not signed and user engagement is very low.
DescriptionAs above
Steps To Reproduceattempt login with valid certificate and email/password.

Check You should be able to fork from that.

Additional InformationYou may want to checkout It is signed with my current certificate. I can transition and replicate CACerts' functionality, however there isn't much point to that. Perhaps the people are saying they don't require security, given privacy laws and what not.
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2021-06-27 19:55

administrator   ~0006034

Do I get this right, you want to log in to, with your "normal" password and/or certificate which work for

This is indeed as designed. Accounts from are not valid for the testserver.

Please have a look at (and the rest of the page) on a description how to create an account for the testserver.


2021-06-27 19:57

administrator   ~0006035

BTW, leads to a "page not found" for me. How is this related to the login on the testsystem?

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