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0001534Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2023-08-28 13:39
Reporteralkas Assigned Tobdmc  
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PlatformMain CAcert WebsiteOSN/AOS Versionstable
Summary0001534: A proposal: submitting CSRs as files P10
DescriptionUtilites as Kleopatra produce CSRs n the P10 Binary format, other as the P10 Base64 format. The CAcert main web should accept such files and use a simple contents test with a simple conversion Binary --> Base64.
Steps To ReproduceTo submit a file is impossible in present. If the file has Base64 format, you are able to copy and paste its CONTENT only.
Additional InformationMost questions to Support are just about the impossibility of browsers to make a CSR.
Make a CSR is complicated for a common user. Let's simplify that.
TagsBase64, CSR, P10
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related to 0001551 needs review & testingTed Adjust interface on page for signing certificate to refer to the new CSR creation web app 



2021-08-05 18:39

administrator   ~0006044

We'll probably need a button to upload the file, since currently the CSR is entered by Copy/Paste which does not work for binary files.

If someone can look up the OpenSSL command line to do the conversation, please add it as a note here.


2021-08-05 19:30

manager   ~0006045

The following openSSL command will do that. I have tested it.

openssl req –in <your .p10 file> -inform der –out <a new file name>

and the new file name can have any extension (e.g. .csr)


2021-08-06 09:33

manager   ~0006048

The topic was discussed at the developer meeting on 5 August 2021.

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