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0001563Community.cacert.orgmiscpublic2024-06-08 11:09
Reporterdops Assigned Tojandd  
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Summary0001563: Invalid Message-ID in board voting system notifications
- notifications get a big penalty in Spamassassin (4.7 INVALID_MSGID=1.167,MSGID_NOFQDN1=2.899) and maybe other spam protection mechanisms, so at risk to be filtered and not seen by recipients
- potential interoperability problems with mail user agents

   Message-ID: <m20240606.1>

According to the format is
    msg-id = [CFWS] "<" id-left "@" id-right ">" [CFWS]

So this part is missing:
   @" id-right "
Typically a domain or a "domain-like" identifier is chosen and must be unique, not necessarily a valid hostname, e. g.
   Message-ID: <>
Steps To ReproduceSubscribe to the CAcert board mailing list and receive a notification from the CAcert board voting system
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2024-06-07 09:21

administrator   ~0006225

Thanks for the high-quality bug report. I filed in issue in the issue tracker of the affected code at


2024-06-08 11:09

administrator   ~0006227

I implemented the necessary code change in contained in

I'm waiting for the current pending votes to finish before deploying the release that contains this commit on the production system.

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