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0000168Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-14 01:31
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Summary0000168: Add secondary contact language
DescriptionI'd like the "My details" webpage to have a field to mark an additional/secondary language for contacting. As far as I understand, currently the language choosen for webpages is being copied to the "contact" form as "<user> prefers to being contacted in <language>". This is too strict. Many users are able to communicate in more than one language and limiting their correspondents to only one language is not optimal. E.g. I prefer English in CAcert webpages but will be happy to be contacted also in Polish (especially by Polish users :-)).
That additional language should then be shown in "<user> prefers to being contacted in <language> or <additional_language>" sentence.
Thank you in advance.
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2006-08-16 09:01

developer   ~0000515

Website updated to deal with multiple language choices...

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