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0000169Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2013-01-14 01:32
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Fixed in Version2006 
Summary0000169: Use https for
DescriptionI think that should be made accessible via https, not (at least *not only*) via http.
As using requires giving a username and a password, I'd rather not send them in plain (not encrypted) form.
Thank you.
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2006-08-16 06:02

manager   ~0000505

Had to restart my browser to be able to access the site again. But now it looks good.

I wonder from a security point of view if it is a risk that now the * ssl certificate is stored on aswell. Until today this machine was meant to be on a lower security level, wasn't it?


2006-08-16 06:23

developer   ~0000506

a certificate for * was on .200 already, the question needing to be asked is there any significant benefit in 2 certificates with the same/similar attributes, or use one...


2006-08-16 06:46

administrator   ~0000508

works for me


2006-08-16 06:54

administrator   ~0000510

Oh, I oversaw the recent discussion.
Hmm, I would issue a certificate with subjectAltNames for all the specific subdomains instead. That way it can´t be abused for and (but it is more work in case we want to add a new domain on that machine). I wouldn´t classify the security risk too high, so I leave the decision for someone else who wants to decide.


2006-08-16 07:08

reporter   ~0000511


I get the following error since https when I change a comment. I don't know if it is related.


ERREUR : id doit être un nombre. (=> "id must be a number")


2006-08-16 07:27

developer   ~0000512

Last edited: 2006-08-16 07:44

what URL do you go to to get that error?

During the URL redirection you get a message saying "Operation successful" (something like this in french) then you get the message

=> you've found the way to reproduce the "mantis" bug (I don't remember of it before https:// ... but it was a long time ago before you updated Mantis because of security bugs)

Anyway, despite the error message, the changed message is updated, as you can read


2006-08-16 07:31

developer   ~0000513

Last edited: 2006-08-16 07:51

I had the same error making a change to this page, it's a mantis bug, but I think I can fix it with mod_rewrite in apache config...

Nope can't fix it, guess we should check for upgrades/patches...

Upgraded to 1.0.5 (2006-07-24)

Known bug, was fixed in CVS, I've updated to the fixed file, hoping this works...

Updated file didn't fix the problem...

temp fix posted to the mantis bug tracker...


2006-08-16 07:46

reporter   ~0000514

Last edited: 2006-08-16 07:48

the URL is rewritten incorrectly
should be

it only bugs when modifying the message...


2006-08-16 17:08

manager   ~0000542

Back to the security stuff again:

I'd including each subdomain into a new cert instead of * I don't think that we should put too much trust in the security of mantis, moinmoin, etc.


2006-08-16 18:06

developer   ~0000545

Mantis/Moin etc shouldn't have access to the private key since it's owned/grouped to root and mod 600 and apache drops privledges once it starts up...

I think subjectAltNames is the only option, a different certificate won't work since TLS isn't implemented correctly in apache and/or browsers...

so the choice is a wildcard, or multiple hostnames, and I don't think either will buy us much in the way of security if the domain is hijacked...

If anyone wants to discuss this further can we do so on a mailing list, or at least a new bug, this is way off topic for the bug we're adding notes to...

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