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Summary0000178: missing numbering of Assurances
DescriptionAuf der Seite mit den vergebenen Punkten ( ) sieht man unten leider keine fortlaufenden Nummern. Da veranstalter hin und wieder fragen wie viele leute man am tag so hatte wäre dies für statistische Zwecke ganz hilfreich.
Additional InformationBitte fortlaufende Nummern also vor die Spalte "Datum" setzen (also Lfd.Nr. Datum Wer Punkte Ort Methode).
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2006-03-27 22:34

manager   ~0000127

Translation and interpretaion:

Please put a number in front of the assurance entries in wot.php?id=10. It should depend on the date to allow to find out how many assurances were made per day.

Workaround: In the morning look at the top of this page and write down the total number of assurances you made so far. Do the same in the evening and contact you calculator ... If you forget to do so: Just count yourself ;)


2006-08-16 13:57

developer   ~0000525

Added a column for ID numbers, but I doubt it will help much since you will still need to count the rows manually...

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