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0000183Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2013-11-20 22:23
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Summary0000183: don't trust my names
DescriptionPossible mysql injection.

In line 328 in general.php the variable $dom is used to check if a domain is present in the database. As far as I can see this variable is directly extracted out the users csr without any further validation or parsing (besides a trim()).
Additional InformationUsing a carefully crafted csr it might be possible to exploit this for a mysql injection attack against. I'm not sure who much openssl rejects these certs but we shouldn't trust in openssl for parsing domain names ...

I DIDN'T TEST THIS and there is no POC but the path from the csr to $dom dosn't look very good:

$_SESSION['_config']['subject'] = trim(`/usr/bin/openssl req -text -noout -in "$CSR"|tr -d "\\0"|grep "Subject:"`);
$bits = explode(",", trim(`/usr/bin/openssl req -text -noout -in "$CSR"|tr -d "\\0"|grep -A1 'X509v3 Subject Alternative Name:'|grep DNS:`));
foreach($bits as $val)
$_SESSION['_config']['subject'] .= "/subjectAltName=".trim($val);

$bits = explode(": ", $_SESSION['_config']['subject'], 2);
$bits = str_replace(", ", "|", str_replace("/", "|", $bits['1']));
$bits = explode("|", $bits);

$split = explode("=", $val);
$split['1'] = trim($split['1']);
$_SESSION['_config'][$k] = $split['1']; ($k = $cnc.CN)
$CN = $_SESSION['_config']["$cnc.CN"];
$dom = $bits[$i] = explode(".", $CN);

Doing a mysql_escape_string() to the result of the openssl call shouldn't harm the process.

This may apply to other csr aswell (email cert, org cert, ...) and maybe even to the gpg signing request.
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2006-08-14 18:32

developer   ~0000464

$dom = mysql_real_escape_string($dom); * 5...

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