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Summary0000189: Can login with Certificate but can't change Password
DescriptionIf you login in via Certificate (I have mine on an eToken) you can do everything but change your normal password if you have forgotten your old password. (I did :().

For security reason this makes no sense since I can lookup the 5 questions and my date of birth and change the password via "Forgot your password".
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related to 0000171 closed missing email notification 



2006-04-24 21:28

manager   ~0000200

So what would be a solution for that?

a) Allow password changes for cert-logins without asking for the old password?

b) Ask for password before allowing to read or change the lost password questions?

c) don't print the answers to the lost password questions in the user menu at all?

I got your point but don't think that the current situation needs to be changed.


2006-04-25 04:38

reporter   ~0000203

Last edited: 2006-04-25 04:39

Me too, I got your point but don't think that the current situation needs to be changed.
The user will need to change his password one way or another !

Question : is there any warning sent to the user when changing the password ?
BUT the hacker could change all the email address so the real user could not be warned on the password change.


2006-08-14 14:42

developer   ~0000450

Well we could notify the user if the default email is changed, and then notify on password changes...


2006-08-14 16:01

developer   ~0000452

You can now change the password without the old password if you login with a certificate.

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