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0000019Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-13 13:46
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Summary0000019: Password Requirements
DescriptionYour password is "validated" when created. Validation means checking if it contains (it has to to validate):


      a alpha character in it

      a numeric character in it

      a special character in it

      (maybe more, this list is from memory)

This means if you want to brute force such a password you do not need to check any password that does not follow the above mentioned rules. This makes the search space smaller and the cracking of the password faster.
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2006-08-15 03:57

developer   ~0000486

If anything this will foil common dictionary attacks, so while the brute force time may be decreased slightly, over all this increases security because it forces people to use characters they may not normally use, or forces them to use longer passwords etc...

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