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Summary0000191: "Assurance Points You Issued" entries are out of sequence
DescriptionToday I have assured 4 persons. Up to the 3rd person, the entries in the "Assurance Points You Issued" table have been added in the proper order (chronologically). But after I have assured the 4th person, his entry has been included as the first line in the table instead of as the last line.
Neither his name, nor surname are "alphabetically" before the other persons' names, so it's _not_ because of ASCII order. This isn't due to the amount of allocated points, either. All typed dates are the same, so it's not because of the dates, either. Also the location of the meeting is the same.

So I can't find a key of such a strange sorting. It must be some bug.

The entries should be placed in the same order as the persons were assured, I think.

Thank you
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