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Summary0000020: 0000005: General wording
DescriptionThe wording on many pages sound like nerds talking to each other. Someone should read through everything and give it a more professional touch (do we want this?).



      "In light of the number of people having ..."

      "which may look a little scary to non-techy users"

      "Alternatively you can get in contact with us via the following methods:" (don't use "us", use "CAcert")

      "weirdo", "dammit", ... - ok, this is a howto using slang all way.

Many sentences are extreamly long and hard to understand (and translate):


      General questions about CAcert should be sent to the general support list,
            please send all emails in ENGLISH only, this list has many more volunteers then those directly involved with the running of the website, everyone on the mailing list understands english, even if this isn't their native language this will increase your chance at a competent reply.

Additional InformationSee also: ../case0003


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2012-12-15 13:50

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Tests shows that it has been fixed in then meantime.

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