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0000215Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-11-20 22:23
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Fixed in Version2009 Q2 
Summary0000215: Challenge isn´t verified on SPKAC requests
DescriptionThe SPKAC challenges aren´t verified by the system, making Replay-Attacks possible.

At first the challenge is created as a MD5 hash from the random numbers:
www/account/4.php line 0000127
On line 0000131, the challenge is delived to the browser.
The hash doesn´t seem to be stored in the session or somewhere else.

Then the SPKAC request is stored in the database in includes/account.php line 0000184 . (At that point, the challenge should be verified)

Then the SPKAC requests are used in the script
scripts/clientcerts.php line 0000047

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2009-04-26 21:26

administrator   ~0001390

Protection mechanism has been added.

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