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0000226Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2013-01-14 08:18
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Summary0000226: Current Firefox does not work with CAcert website
DescriptionPeople are complaining that they have problems assuring other CAcert user using Firefox while Konqueror is OK.

This is probably due to changes that have been done to he CAcert source code lately. I havn't looked into it yet but possible reasons are XSS related changes or the changes to the session management.

Yes, maybe this is a Firefox problem but we should analyse it anyway and maybe forward this bugreport to them as soon as we can verify that this is not a CAcert problem.

I have random problems with logging in and changing passwords in the administration interface aswell which might be related.
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2006-08-11 23:33

reporter   ~0000360

I'm one of those having trouble with Firefox, so if you need someone to do some testing, you can mail me (

My problem right now is, that I can't get my certificate importet to Thunderbird. I've exportet it several times from the MacOS X keychain, but Thunderbird will only import .p12-Files (which the keychain refuses to create). The wiki recommends downloading the certificate with Firefox, then exporting it from Firefox and importing it with Thunderbird. But downloading with Firefox from the cacert-website won't work.

Since I have access to windows-boxes at the association that I'm working for, I've tried it with Firefox and Thunderbird on WindowsXP as well - same result i.e. i got no result.


2006-08-13 16:20

developer   ~0000376

I've used Firefox 1.0.7, 1.5 and opera 8/9 and not had any issues assuring or issuing certs at all...


2007-06-25 07:27

developer   ~0000858

Do we still have that problem going on?

mahajivana: quite hard to find your other problem in here, so please mail the support list if you still have that problem, or mail me directly at if you wish.

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