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Summary0000228: No confirmation mail after registration
DescriptionI registered for the email adress on thursday morning when I visited this years LinuxTag at Wiesbaden Germany. I did not receive a confirmation message but was assured by three persons at the CaCert booth later.
On Fryday I tried to register with the same adress again, but that did not work. The Adress was already in use.

Today I tried again to register. This time it works despite the fact that registered adresses must be confirmed within one week and this period is not over yet.

I registerd with with the exact same adress and received a confirmation within a couple of seconds. is a Spamgourmet email-adress and all messages to this account will be forwarded to another adress. Right now that's my address at work but this will change soon. This forwarding-mechanism works and I double checked this by sending test-mails op from different locations.

I also tried to get a password-reminder. After answering three of the questions the web frontend informed me that a reminder was sent. But it did not reach me too.

What's wrong? I could easily register with another adress but of course I don't want to loose my points that I got from those three persons at LinxTag.

Sorry if I bother you with this problems on the buglist.


Peter Koch
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2006-05-11 05:36

reporter   ~0000224

Is your mailserver using greylisting as an antispam protection, by any chance?
If so, confirmation messages from CAcert may be not delivered to you. It's described in the Wiki or FAQ under a similar topic.


2006-05-11 18:57

reporter   ~0000225

I normally hate idiots that ask questions on a buglist without carefully reading the FAQ and/or Wiki.

Seems that I'm one of these idiots too.



PS: And you were right. We do use greylisting and I'm sure I will get registered soon. I still have some questions (namely what will happen with my credits) - but I'm sure this is explained somewhere in your documentation :-)


2006-08-14 03:29

developer   ~0000406

At a guess this was a problem with checkEmail() function that has since been fixed...

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