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Summary0000241: "Max. points" number erroneously placed on CAP form
DescriptionI'm an assurer with many points (rounded down to 150 of course).

I was just preparing a mail message for an applicant helping him. In the process of describing the procedure for him I was pointing to particular links ("Find an assurer" etc.). As I was also recommending printing a few copies of personalized CAP form, I entered "CAcert Web of Trust -> A4 - WoT Form" link (from an applicant, not an assurer, point of view).

A PDF form was prepared, with my data in the "Applicant's statement" section, not is the "Assurer" section, which was expected because I was mimicking an applicant, not an assurer.
But. At the end of (empty, which is expected) "Assurer" section there is NOT empty "Maximum points" field and it contains "35".

Seems it was taken from my (assurer) capability of giving points. It should be empty, when generating from an applicant position, even if the person is an assurer already.
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duplicate of 0000029 closed 0000029: Max Points on cap.php forms makes no sence 



2006-08-14 03:30

developer   ~0000407

You are able to print empty forms, otherwise fields are pre-filled to save you time during events...

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