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0000246Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2013-01-14 08:47
ReporterTheSourcerer Assigned ToSourcerer  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Fixed in Version2007 
Summary0000246: gpg signing sometimes does not work
DescriptionTrying to get a OpenPGP key signed, sometimes gives the following error:
"No emails found on your key"
I tried it with exactly the same key a couple of times, sometimes I got a correctly signed key, sometimes I got that error message.
I can´t reproduce it guaranteed, and I haven´t found a reason why it happens.
Additional InformationWe could try to use the following debugging code to get to know why it happens in the gpg.php 0000135:
    } else {
                        fputs($fp,"New case:\nCSR:\n")
                        fputs($fp, $_POST['CSR']);
                        fputs($fp,"emailaddies: is_array:".is_array($emailaddies)."\n");
                        fputs($fp,"emailaddies: $emailaddies\n");
                        fputs($fp,"count(emailaddies): ".count($emailaddies)."\n");
                        fputs($fp,"gpg: ".$gpg."\n");
                        fputs($fp,"lines: ".$lines."\n");

                        $_SESSION['_config']['errmsg'] = _("No emails found on your key");
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related to 0000460 closedSourcerer Please disable GPG signing until we have a production-quality system 



2006-05-29 00:12

developer   ~0000237

Possible fix:

Line 47 of www/gpg.php;

- foreach(explode("\n", $gpg) as $line)

+ $gpgarr = explode("\n", $gpg);
+ foreach($gpgarr as $line)


2007-03-29 13:05

reporter   ~0000827

Is that a duplicate of Bug 236?
Maybe the issue is solved with
Can someone still confirm this bug?


2007-11-17 14:01

administrator   ~0000949

Please test again now, and confirm whether the problem still exists.


2007-12-19 23:14

administrator   ~0000973

If anyone can reproduce the bug, please reopen it and post the used public key.

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