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Summary0000026: 0000021: Client Certs don't show name if using middle initial variant
DescriptionIf you're creating a new Client Certifiacate with CAcert you're asked which name you want to have included in the certificate. For most people that's only 'none' or 'Firstname Lastname'.

But if you have a third variant with middle initial like John F. Kennedy and decide to put that name on your certificate there will be no name (CN entry) included into the certificate at all.

This bug was reported by Alaric: If choose to 'Alaric L XXXXX' from the list of choices for my display name, I get NO CN entry in the cert

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Chris set status to Open, 2005-06-21
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duplicate of 0000003 closedUli60 Single Character Middle Initial clear name from subject 



2006-02-14 22:57

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As re-reported by Andrew Diedrich and tested


2007-10-24 08:33

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bug 000003

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