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0000261Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-14 09:44
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Summary0000261: not listed as assurer although defined "i want to be listed" as well as the correct region "Wien, Wien, Austria"
Descriptionlogged in as mhf (Micahel H. Fischer)
My details
My listing
i defined to be listed as an assurer
i defined the correct region "Wien, Wien, Austria"
if i search for myself in the list
CAcert web of trust
Find an assurer
my entry doesn't show up, even though i belive it would be quite improtant to cacert, because there are a lot of potential cacert-users around me.
medical university of vienna, vienna university, vienna general hospital.
someone else near me is planning to become assuerer in order to supply this region with 2 assurers
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2006-08-05 08:27

reporter   ~0000307

Perhaps you can't 'see yourself'? Can someone logged in his area see him or not?


2006-08-05 10:10

administrator   ~0000309

The website only lists the 25(?) first assurers per city.
Possible solutions:
* Increase the number of listed assurers
* Change the structure of the city, to have sub-regions of the city, so that you can search for an assurer "near" you


2006-08-13 16:57

developer   ~0000378

I think there is 2 possible solutions, 1 or both may need to be implemented.

 * Have more fine grained locations, especially in large cities.
 * Randomise the order that assurers are displayed.


2006-08-13 21:42

administrator   ~0000384

I am against randomising the result since it makes debugging more difficult


2006-08-14 00:18

manager   ~0000386

The only problem I see with randomising the result is that it might confuse the users:

 * it would be hard to find the assurer again the user contacted before
 * if he contacts #1 of the list and plans to contact 0000002 some days later
   this 0000002 could be the #1 from last time.

More fine grained locations would be just a temporay fix.

I'd recommend to display all entries, if necessary on multiple pages.

Btw: Do we care that #1 of this list might receive more requests than others?


2006-08-14 01:49

developer   ~0000388

According to source it was limited to 50, I've made 1 small change, if the user chooses a maxdist of 10 or less, the site won't limit the number of rows, otherwise there will still be a limit of 50.


2006-08-14 06:39

administrator   ~0000433

I just noticed that all the regions of vienna are already in the database. Just try "Hernals, Wien, Austria" for example.

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