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0000284Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2013-01-14 10:47
ReporterSourcerer Assigned Toduane  
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Fixed in Version2006 
Summary0000284: move the LostPassphrase answers (+questions) to an additional page
Descriptionso that the main page does not show those private details.
It is only seldomly necessary to view the answers for the sysadmin, so we should only disclose that peronal data to the sysadmin when she needs to see it. Additionally we can track the viewing of the data this way through the apache logfiles.
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related to 0000408 confirmed Improve the 5 QA warning message sent to the user on 5 QA set access 



2006-08-08 08:31

manager   ~0000339

Logging using apache logfiles only works for GET requests. We need to make sure that it is not possible to access the site using POST-passed parameters.


2006-08-08 08:46

administrator   ~0000340

We changed it to open it on a click on the same page.


2006-08-08 09:03

manager   ~0000343

Why didn't you implement/secure the tracking/logging?

For an exploit create an html file containing

  <form method="post" action="">
  <input type="hidden" name="showlostpw" value="yes">
  <input type="submit" value="go">

and click on "go". showlostpw doesn't show up in the GET string so you'll never know that someone accessed the lost password questions/answers.


2006-08-08 09:06

developer   ~0000344

Changed $_REQUEST to $_GET...


2006-08-08 09:11

manager   ~0000347


Make sure to put a comment line next to this $_GET for that you'll never change this back to $_REQUEST :)


2006-08-10 07:53

reporter   ~0000356

Also a great improvement for a more readable page !


2006-08-10 08:09

developer   ~0000357

        // This is intensionally a $_GET for audit purposes. DO NOT CHANGE!!!
        if($_GET['showlostpw'] != "yes") {

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