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0000029Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-13 14:29
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Summary0000029: 0000029: Max Points on cap.php forms makes no sence
DescriptionIf person A is printing the cap.php form there will be a Maximum Points field on the bottom of the page. This is connected to the number of points person A can give.

But as it's more likely that person A prints this form to get assured by person B this value makes no sence. It should be a) the max-value of points person A can receive or b) empty. I'd say b) make most sence.

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has duplicate 0000241 closed "Max. points" number erroneously placed on CAP form 
related to 0000136 closed How to get a blank CAP "WoT" or TTP form ? 



2006-08-15 04:04

developer   ~0000488

There is 2 ways to access the CAP form, and max points only displays if you are assuring someone else...

Either that or the form has changes since this bug was filed...


2006-08-15 06:31

manager   ~0000489

The source in cap.php says:

        if($maxpoints == 0)
                $maxpoints = intval(maxpoints());

This means that if you don't provide maxpoints via GET/POST the logged-in users maxpoints() is put on the form.

But currently this seems to be broken: maxpoints is never set, even with maxpoints in the GET string. Check the link on

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