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0000290Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2013-01-14 10:56
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Summary0000290: blacklist for registrar email addresses in the whois addresses
DescriptionSome Registrars include their email addresses in their whois entries.
We should create a table to blacklist those addresses, to make sure that they don´t accidently get emails from us.
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has duplicate 0000325 closed Adding the ability for CAcert admins to blacklist domain names from being verified 
related to 0000792 new addition of non-routable IANA numbers as member domains 



2006-08-14 05:37

manager   ~0000424

This is an impossible task.

Where would you start? Where would you end? And if you put a provider on this list how can you make sure that he doesn't want to add a domain someday?


2006-08-14 07:02

administrator   ~0000434

They still always have root@, webmaster@, ...
It´s just a protection against their abuse@provider contacts, which they normally don´t want to go such emails anyway.


2006-08-14 07:19

manager   ~0000440

You think it's worth the effort? Were there any complains?

If you limit it to addresses starting with abuse@ it would be alright for me, but I would give it low priority if this hasn't been abused yet.


2006-09-06 21:48

administrator   ~0000666

Yes, there were specific abuses, and specific requests from the providers to have their email addresses blocked, which are included in all whois entries of their customers.


2006-11-18 04:22

administrator   ~0000711 seems to have been abused as well now


2007-10-24 08:22

developer   ~0000919

Registrars should be able to use their own email addresses to register their websites too. This blacklist is pointless.

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