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Summary0000302: in Germany we have ä, ö and ü | the cities in your db are only written with a o u and not with ae oe ue
DescriptionIn my opinion it is not very comfortable to write the german city Donauwörth like Donauworth or Donauwerth like you did it in the City db.

Why write the cities not Donauwoerth or Eichstaett.

ä -> ae
ö -> oe
ü -> ue

Today you have for all cities with ä,ö and ü two data in the db, why??
(Donauworth, Donauwerth)
(Eichstatt, Eichstett)

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2006-08-16 18:00

developer   ~0000543

This was intensional for 2 reasons, firstly that's how the data was normalised, and secondaly not everyone has access to keyboards with accentend characters etc, so those travelling to other countries would have difficulty in locating others...

Some people are building up an alias set of locations, and there is already a number of other bug entries that cover this topic...

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