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0000309Main CAcert Websitemiscpublic2013-11-20 22:23
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Summary0000309: New DNS servers
DescriptionWe currently need a new set of DNS servers due to loss of work with my client.
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2006-08-18 03:24

developer   ~0000599

This is super urgent, we need to move the DNS today


2006-08-18 05:06

manager   ~0000600

I'm running my own tinydns DNS server on my server and can offer to include the CAcert records. The Server is hosted at 1&1 a big german provider. Traffic and reliability shouldn't be a problem.

You can send me the zonefile and I'll convert it. Currently I only allow zonetransfers via ssh.

The servers IP would be ( I can also offer a second and third DNS but those are not completely under my control ([bc] so I'd need to check this first.

I'll be out of office for some hours now but can work on this in about 6 hours. Make sure to reduce the TTL for the records *now* for making the move as smooth as possible for all users.


2006-08-18 05:23

developer   ~0000601

I can also host those in Texas, USA, at please poke me if its needed.


2006-08-18 05:36

administrator   ~0000603

I can offer a couple of servers too.


2006-08-18 05:42

manager   ~0000604

If there is any need for switching the registrar aswell: I'm in contract with Terions who cooperate with Tucows and can register .org domains (setting individual Owner, Tech, Admin, Zone and NS is possible). About 7.50 EUR per year ...


2006-08-18 05:51

developer   ~0000606

registrar is fine at this point in time, paying US$8.95/yr...

I temp setup the zone on my personal DNS servers as a temp measure, will add additional secondaries, but need servers that can handle AXFR...


2006-08-18 06:06

developer   ~0000607

we can set the axfr... just give me the data :)


2006-08-18 21:52

manager   ~0000610

If it helps I could configure AXFR on ...


2006-08-31 21:23

developer   ~0000651

;; AUTHORITY SECTION: 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS is Evaldo's responsibility, is Philipp's.

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