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0000316Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-14 20:18
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Summary0000316: Redesign of the CAP/TTP forms
DescriptionSomeone recently attending a conference to do assurances suggested that the top corner be made a business card sized tear off, so they can walk away with the logo + fingerprints of keys + URL and it will be a reminder to signup if they only just find out about CAcert.
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2006-08-24 00:22

administrator   ~0000634

We have been handing out empty forms to those people who wanted a business card, also that they know what they have been signing.


2006-08-24 05:29

developer   ~0000635

The point of this suggestion was to save handing out blank forms, and the top section of the form isn't needed by an assurer at all so taking advantage of both aspects saves on paper, and reuses a part the assurer already knows about :)


2006-11-27 14:01

developer   ~0000730

Rearranged PDF form to include the finger print + other details at the top for the form, added a line to indicate the tear away section

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