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0000318Main CAcert WebsiteGPG/PGPpublic2012-12-20 08:31
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Summary0000318: OpenPGP CRL
DescriptionHmmm, we could issue a CRL.
Just add all the revocation keys and our revocation sigs in one huge file.
So everyone can just load the CRL file from CAcert, and import that CRL file manually, if they want to.
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related to 0001119 closed Error importing CRL to Firefox/Thunderbird 
related to 0000089 needs workSourcerer GPG Revokation Escrow Service 
related to 0001079 needs work GPG key can not be revoked 



2006-10-27 06:43

reporter   ~0000695

This means to publish a list of all keys including there uids with revoked sigs. I think this may result in privacy probs.

I think it will be better to upload all revokes to one or a group of keyservers named at the website so everbody can download the revokes for the keys he uses (for example with: gpg --refresh-keys). A nice side efect will be that even if someone not useing this offer he likely would get the revokes because of the syncing between the keyservers when he download new version (refreshing) of the keys in his keyring.


2006-11-27 13:15

developer   ~0000728

I agree with publishing to a key server, although for the most part this relates back to the escrow of revoke keys...

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