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0000336Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-01-14 20:32
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Summary0000336: Verification mail and pages
Description1. In the verification E-mail for new E-mail Adresses is the subject

   "[] Test E-Mail"

this should be better

  "[] Verification E-Mail"

2. on the following /verify.php was written

   " Are you sure you want to verify the email ?

- Yes <--- thats Ok
- Notify Support about this <--- need further explanation on the page
- Do not verify <--- also need some explanation

(Also a bit Finetuning on Formating the pages, espacialy for Mozilla / Firefox where good)
Additional Informationpoint #1: here should the E-mail be a bit more like


you have send an E-mail Adress to be put on your cacert-Account.
Below is the link you need to open to verify your email address. Once your address is verified you will be able to start issuing certificates to your heart's content!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, <--- here is also a little language problem ;-) Support!

point 0000002: why should anybody click on "Notify about this"? Why should anybody who send the E-mail Adress to the WOT "Do not verify" ? i think that would be some points to explain there...
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2006-09-22 08:04

developer   ~0000688

he "cancel" Button i also missing a bit...


2009-04-09 23:44

administrator   ~0001362

Has been changed some time ago. Please review and close the bug.

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