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Summary0000034: 0000010: Contact Us Page (General Layout)
Problem: This page looks quite confusing and it's hard to find the information one is looking for.

Solution: not yet.

Maybe something like:

There are several ways to contact CAcert. For getting a quick answer, make sure you're
using the right one.

  <tr><th>Reason</th><th>Conctact ...</th>

    <td>Lost Password</td>



    <td>General problems and questions</td>




    <td>Send CAcert a normal letter (eg. ttp forms)</td>

    <td>Sensitive Information</td>

    <td>Help CAcert (Development, Translation, Support, Donation)</td>




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2006-08-17 04:15

developer   ~0000592

patch or design mock up?


2012-12-15 13:45

updater   ~0003437

Tests shows that it has been fixed in then meantime.

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