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0000371Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2013-01-08 08:53
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Summary0000371: Suffix usage
DescriptionWe should reviewall the names of the accounts that have the Suffix field filled out.
I had too many cases of accidently filled out Suffix fields, and too many of them already being assured that way, due to the Assurance Webform not clearly distinguishing it.
Perhaps we should add a comment to the signup form saying "This field is only for Suffixes. Please only fill it, if you know what a suffix is."
Lot of people mistake Suffix with Prefix (which is reasonable, I would say)
I saw a lot of "Mr." Suffixes.
So we should research it, and take a look how large the problem is.
And it´s difficult for Assurers to see, because it doesn´t look any different than firstname/lastname.
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duplicate of 0000846 closedTed Better guidance of bonafide members in Join Form about Suffixes they doesn't have in their ID doxs (a20100207.2) 
related to 0001100 needs work findings from David 



2009-12-26 14:18

reporter   ~0001541

There should be a comment on the join page on the webpage to explain what this suffix is for.


2009-12-26 18:58

administrator   ~0001542

Comment has been added. Please review whether the comment is good and sufficient.

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