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Summary0000038: 0000023: Allow multiple WOT locations
DescriptionA user writes:

I have a suggestion: to allow people to have more than 1 localization (at least 2: home/work).

In my case, I'm living at the French-German border, I live in France and work in Germany.
It would be cool to be listed in Germany also, so that german people can know that I'm available during working hours to cert. them.

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Chris set status to Open, 2005-06-24

Chris, 2005-06-25: can be "missued" for CAcert Assurer.
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2007-06-25 08:05

developer   ~0000860

I live in at least 3 cities, with distances as big as 350km between them, so my assurance power could be "boosted" if I were listed in multiple locations, with a description field between them.


2011-09-17 15:57

administrator   ~0002453

The database contains a table UserLocations, see, which seems to be intended to hold multiple locations per user.

Sadly enough there's no code using it...

Werner Dworak

2012-12-20 20:01

updater   ~0003494

No longer fixes for old locaction data base

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