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0000004Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-13 13:27
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Summary0000004: 0000030: Missing Cities in the WoT Assurer Location list
DescriptionThere are quite a number of cities reportet that are missing in the WoT Assurer Location list. There should be a way to add cities or at least a procedure to get an admin to do so.

Additional InformationA workaround is currently to add youself to the next listed city.

An answer on cacert-support:

The problem is that the list that makes up all the country/city locations
came from the U.N. (

This was done to avoid political squabbles (China vs. Taiwan, Balkan
States, etc.,) where boundaries are ill-defined/disputed, etc.

But as we see there are a few folks who live in places that don't easily
get categorized.

I personally don't know what an acceptable solution might be - If you
have any thoughts on this get in contact with us.
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2005-09-03 05:41

developer   ~0000002

Currently merging USGS information with the current database, at present there is about 50-70,000 locations world wide in the table, the new information will increase this to about 2.3 million


2005-09-05 05:52

developer   ~0000003

Database has been suplimented/replaced with a USGS dataset of 2.3million locations, if this doesn't cover all/most locations then nothing will.


2005-11-22 21:03

developer   ~0000029

Need to add additional code to modify the new location database, currently in progress...


2005-12-03 17:30

developer   ~0000060

Location database code has been added to allow people to add/edit/move/delete locations and regions.

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