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0000426Main CAcert Websitemy accountpublic2013-01-08 08:52
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Summary0000426: Missing prefix-field leads to wrong assurances
DescriptionWhen you register as a new user you will see name, first name and suffix. But there is no field "prefix". In some countries (germany for example) your university degree is offically part in your name (as a prefix), so you have to put your "Dr." (equals Ph.D.) into a prefix.

Some users started to put their "Dr." in the name filed, others just leave it out. But as an offical part of your name you HAVE to use it and Assurers HAVE to asssure only according to this. Right now, they just ignore it and do - by a legal meaning - wrong assurances. That's why I consider it a major bug!
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related to 0001100 needs work findings from David 


Werner Dworak

2013-01-08 05:56

updater   ~0003598

Valid names, name part and name formats still are a great field of work.

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