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Summary0000437: Event Calendar is missing
DescriptionThe download link to calendar on the CAcert NEWS blog is not working (File not found). There used to be an iCalendar file with CAcert-events at

It would be great to have that back (and maintained) so users could subscribe to it in various calendar programs and see where and when CAcert is doing assurances.
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related to 0000067 closedtgage Website is incomprehensible for first time assurers 



2007-07-09 12:13

reporter   ~0000873

In the meta-links section of there is a link to "Events Calendar" which is also "404 Not Found".
This could be corrected in the same step.


2007-07-09 12:16

reporter   ~0000874

The whole calendar problem could be mitigated if events mentioned in the blog would be correctly filed as events, so you could see them at But unfortunatly they are often tagged as generic "information".


2007-07-09 16:57

administrator   ~0000876

Can someone (preferrably the Event Organisation Officer) please decide which way to go with the calendaring tool? Whether we should use the tagging as Events, or trying to reactivate that calendar plugin, implement it inside directly, or switch to a different solution)?


2007-07-09 17:44

reporter   ~0000878

For anyone interested, here's the last existing version of the calendar.ics:


2007-10-18 20:15

administrator   ~0000896

Last edited: 2007-10-18 20:17

Requirements for event management software

The software should be a kind of calendar application.
For each event the following information should be available.

 * title
 * (long) description
 * location
 * event information (url)
 * event organiser
 * event organiser email
 * begin
 * end
 * comments
 * status (maybe only for internal purposes)

The information should be entered at a form. This form should be available to anybody to propose an event. Only the event organisation officer should be allowed to publish them after review. He is also the only one who can edit. The field status is not available to any regular user. The field comments can only be seen by event admins.

Title takes a short text - about one line. Description takes a longer text which might be a few paragraphs and should take a few basic (HTML) elements like hyper references. begin and end are dates, times optional. Status takes predefined options (details tbd).

A few events coming up next should be listed on the cacert homepage with title, location and (start)date(s). Details should be available on a page referenced from there.

If the software allows such extensions it should be possible to refer to an event in news messages. News messages are used to announce special events to the public and to highlight special features to the community or ask for help with it. The news must contain some basic information and a hyper reference to the events detail page.

Events with end date in the past are listed in an event archive. A link to it is places accordingly.

The event organisation officer is notified by email of any new entries and any changes. The pr officer is notified on any changes to published events.

All this must be implemented to be on the CAcert main page (not neccessarily homepage, no external software just half-integrating like current news blog) to ensure having a central point to go to.


2014-01-26 17:35

updater   ~0004540

fix is available over the new community portal

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