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0000453Main CAcert Websiteorganisational sectionpublic2013-01-14 21:47
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Summary0000453: linking to deleted accounts
DescriptionWhen we assign an org-admin, it can happen that a person has a second, deleted account that has the same email address. It can then happen that the org-account is assigned to the deleted account instead of the new account.
So we have to add a check, that org-admins can only be not-deleted accounts.
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2007-09-30 00:43

administrator   ~0000890

Bug fixed:

diff -r1.84 account.php
< $res = mysql_query("select * from `users` where `email`='".$_REQUEST['email']."'");
> $res = mysql_query("select * from `users` where `email`='".$_REQUEST['email']."' and `deleted`=0");

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