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0000466CATS.cacert.orgUser Interfacepublic2012-12-29 05:18
ReporterTed Assigned ToTed  
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Summary0000466: If working in admin mode with multiple Windows/Tabs open, the application behaves incorrect.
DescriptionWhile editing anwers questions are duplicated, result screens are often incorrect.

I tried to do translation with different topics open in different windows in Firefox
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2007-12-03 12:44

developer   ~0000965

The Problem is, that some variables are saved in the Session.
Thats's why the view is incorrect some times.

I'm looking for a solution.


2008-01-05 01:14

developer   ~0000989

Would the non-admin user be hit by the same problem if working multi-tabbed?

Try asking Michael Diederich (da_didi) or Francesco Ongaro (ascii) for solutions. They might help! :)

Werner Dworak

2012-12-29 05:18

updater   ~0003579

Since few people are concerned, it is hard to find and other problems are more important, at the present stage we will shelve it.

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