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0000468Main CAcert Websitecertificate issuingpublic2013-01-14 21:53
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Summary0000468: No Keyids, serials in cert/key lists and emails
DescriptionThere are no Keyids (OpenPGP) or serials (X.509) in any cert/key listing or notify email. I have several certs/keys with the same subject and got some 'your cert ist going to expire'-emails but had to check every cert by it's timestamps. For OpenPGP this makes even more sens since there are the Keyids well-known and the common identifier for the key.
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related to 0000039 closedSourcerer 0000028: Add the PGP Key ID to the list of signed Keys 



2007-12-26 23:07

administrator   ~0000977

KeyID is displayed for OpenPGP now.

The serial number isn´t unique on it´s own in X.509, it depends on the issuer (which root/intermediate certificate was used to sign the certificate). Should we show that as well? How? Should we display the Serial numbers in Decimal or Hex?


2008-02-09 11:52

reporter   ~0001008

I do not like X.509 a lot, because of such things (and may other).

I think the serial number would be a hint. It should be displayed in decimal because most programs show it in decimal.

maybe some of the more X.509-focused people have an idea for the unique problem.


2012-12-19 10:42

updater   ~0003483

Tests show fixed in the meantime. All certificates views show serial number or KeyID.

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