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Summary0000470: reminder disabling / opt-out
DescriptionWe should implement some kind of reminder disabling or reminder opt-out.
"If you don´t want to receive any further emails for this certificate, please click here: ..."
Perhaps we should generate hashes that are linked to the specific certificate that should not be reminded anymore, and put URLs with that hash into the Emails, so that the people don´t need to login to deactivate the reminder.
But we should have a form "Do you want to deactivate reminders for this certificate?" with a POST request, to ensure that the people don´t accidently click on the link, and the reminder gets deactivated automatically.
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2012-11-29 23:16

reporter   ~0003374

I have 4 certificates and for each one I get a reminder 45 days ahead of expiration and again 2 weeks later. And there does not seem a way to turn it off or configure it in a more sane way. For example, I'd like to receive just one email instead of 4. Also nice would be the ability to set how many days ahead you will get the notification.

But most simple solution now would be an option to turn off the reminders all together.

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