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0000472CATS.cacert.orgUser Interfacepublic2008-02-28 20:42
ReporterTed Assigned ToTed  
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Fixed in Versionproduction 
Summary0000472: Progress cannot be shown
DescriptionSome users report that the learning progress is not shown once they logged out and logged in again.
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2008-01-04 23:11

administrator   ~0000982

My guess for the problem's cause:
There are many records in table learnprogress where the root column contains an empty string instead of either "CA Cert Signing Authority" or "CAcert Class 3 Root".
I guess the ones containing a sensible root can be displayed, the others (the majority) can not.
This is consistent with the results I get for my account, there are 4 tests in the database, one without root and 3 show up in the progress.


2008-01-05 01:00

developer   ~0000987

Please ask those users to comment on this bug (or reply to you, if you prefer to do the middleman job), specially if they used the other browser and/or other certificate. Thanks


2008-01-05 12:12

reporter   ~0000991

Same happened to me. The following may help:

I've done three tests in total (two of them are visible).

Account created, logged in -> Test -> Pass -> Results visible.
Logout -> Login -> No tests visible.
Test done -> Failed (one should concentrate :)) -> Test visible
Logout -> Login -> Test visible
Test done -> Passed -> two tests visible


2008-01-05 22:18

administrator   ~0000992

Fixed in SVN version 513, installed on production system

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