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0000491Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2012-06-26 22:30
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Summary0000491: Please allow usage of "secondary" emails user ids.
DescriptionI guess the login with only on of the users emails opens lots of problems. I experience a lot of confusion here with events and with organisation assurance. This should also relate to any lookup made (wot, orga etc.)
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2008-02-21 21:04

administrator   ~0001022

IIRC this has been discussed on the policy list and been rejected because of privacy reasons. It would be possible for every Assurer to link registered eMails with the user's name without the user's consent.


2012-06-26 22:30

administrator   ~0003082

Discussions in Software Assessment meeting:
Changing the behaviour would require changes in a lot of places and it's not clear whether it's desirable at all so currently we'll work on other things instead.

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