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0000505Main CAcert Websiteaccount administrationpublic2015-03-01 11:00
Reporterteus Assigned ToINOPIAE  
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Product Version2008 
Target Version2015 Q1Fixed in Version2015 Q1 
Summary0000505: CCA agree mark
DescriptionMember needs to agree to CCA at important actions in using the online system. Each point should have a checkbox, as described in Note below. It must be done at these places, according to CCA#1.1:

1. Account Registration of New Account / New Member.
2. on requesting a Certificate Issuance.

In the online system, it could also be demanded in these places:

3. When member logs into the system and he has not agreeed yet to CCA.
4. Requesting other important things: revocation, download of roots, CRLs.
5. When logging in to do Assurance (and which assurances that was)
6. Update of account details.

Maybe 4-6 could be dependent on the test in 3, in the future?
Additional InformationThis is an urgent and major issue. The agreement to the CCA is the binding for the community, and permits everything else to happen. All events done without this agreement are in legal limbo and expose all Members to uncontrolled liabilities.
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parent of 0000506 closedteus CCA agreement marking check on assurance page 
parent of 0000589 closedINOPIAE Replace old "agreement" on new certificate page with checkbox agree to CCA 
parent of 0000590 closedUli60 Join procedure must get Agreement to CCA 
parent of 0001121 closedNEOatNHNG Record the CCA acception for the account creation  
parent of 0001122 closed Give Support the chance to see when the first and the last CCA acception took place 
parent of 0001123 closedBenBE Add the Check CCA acception to all certificate creation processes 
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2008-08-11 15:55

developer   ~0001133

Last edited: 2008-08-12 14:00

Some suggested text, perhaps:

   I agree to the terms and conditions of the CAcert Community Agreement [ ]


2008-08-12 14:03

developer   ~0001134

Suggested implementation details. Whenever an agreement is to be secured from the Member, do something like this:

1. Provide member with a ref to the full POLICY agreement
     Also to a wiki page that has a membership FAQ?
2. Record the event in the Member's Account
     Possibly set a binary flag; or, much better:
     record the single last date agreed, which will assist in future attempts to refresh any stale agreement.
3. Record the event in a read-only event log:
     the Member,
     date/time of click-agree,
     action performed (join/cert/assure, etc) plus e.g., member assured
     version of agreement presented / in force (e.g., p20080109.1 for now.)


2008-08-12 14:44

developer   ~0001136

Last edited: 2010-01-14 12:37

See for wider discussion and overall plan.


2015-03-01 11:00

updater   ~0005339

Has been fixed due to other bugs being resolved.

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