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0000522Main CAcert Websitepublic2013-01-15 02:15
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Fixed in Version2009 Q2 
Summary0000522: DNS A record required to verify domain ownership
DescriptionWhen adding a new domain to, if an A record is not in place for the domain (IE,; not sub domains), the e-mail verification fails to send.

When registering with I encountered this problem. I haven't been able to reproduce it, since my only other domain is on already.

My zone file is in additional information.

Additional Information$TTL 1h
@ IN SOA (
                IN A ; << this is what I had to add
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related to 0000592 confirmed The domain name checking have to be improved to be auditable 



2008-03-20 21:32

reporter   ~0001046

Did you already have the MX records for that domain before you tried to register it?
If you didn't then there would be no way to send an e-mail to you, because it is not known where the e-mail should be delivered.


2008-03-20 22:04

reporter   ~0001047

MX records were in place. E-mail sent from outside servers worked as expected. The only change made between my multiple attempts that failed and the one that worked was adding that A record.


2008-03-20 22:05

reporter   ~0001048

I suppose I can remove the domain from my cacert list and delete the A record. See if that reproduces it.


2008-03-27 03:03

reporter   ~0001049

Last edited: 2008-03-27 03:04

I can't reproduce this error when removing the A record. I'm suggesting this bug be closed. DNS registration was probably not updated at the time I first tried to add the domain and the server undoubtedly cached the record (that's my guess at least).

EDIT: I removed the A record about a week ago and forgot to check so the DNS changes had plenty of time to trickle down. The only other option is that the domain may have been added to a list in the mail server once it verified it. Perhaps? I don't have a way to check this.

Daniel Black

2009-06-03 04:04

reporter   ~0001422

looking through the website code quickly I only saw lookups of MX records and no lookups of A records.

closing as requested.

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