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0000523Main CAcert Websitepublic2009-06-27 05:02
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Summary0000523: incorrect netscape-revocation-url in root certificate

according to the Netscape documentation at

the Netscape CA Revocation Url and Netscape Revocation Url is incorrect in the CAcert root certificate.

It is set to the CRL file, but it should be set to a script which should check the parameters of the HTTP GET method and return just a 0 or 1. The 0 or 1 indicates if a certificate is valid or invalid. Please take a look at the documentation for more info.

Regards, Artem
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Daniel Black

2009-06-27 05:02

reporter   ~0001453

I'd assume these Netscape extensions are deprecated and won't be included in the new root certificates.

Do you know if any application is having problems with this?

Can you find a working URL for the definition of these extensions>

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