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Summary0000527: Implement Clean URLs
DescriptionAs there are URLs that should be static sneaking in to policy documents, application forms, etc. and in consideration of the fact that URLs can and do change (eg moving policy between svn and wiki) I propose that we set up a redirector (what I call a 'springboard' for want of a better name) at

This would allow us to use truly static URLs like which is obviously an improvement on what we have currently. This is particularly useful for paper forms like the COAP.
Additional Information#NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>
    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log combined

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteMap springboard txt:/var/www/springboard.txt
    # ^^^
    RewriteRule ^/$ [R,L]
    RewriteRule ^/(.*) ${springboard:$1} [R]

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2008-09-15 14:29

developer   ~0001166

if such is done, then the document springboard.txt falls under CCS and will be as controlled as any other document. Any naming ability to redirect people from one version to another must be fully controlled.

The file should be readable as an ordinary web-readable doc, is that possible?


2008-09-15 14:30

reporter   ~0001167

Definitely - the springboard.txt file can reside in the web root or a symlink to it can be created. It's a good point though.


2008-09-15 14:31

reporter   ~0001168

Raises some interesting questions about the possibility of using SSL for it... but there's a chicken & egg problem there - you need a root installed to find out about a root.


2008-09-15 14:32

developer   ~0001169

There is a use for getting a shorthand in place for memory and space constrained areas. I can think of these cases:

CCA /cca and-or /rely
NRP-DaL /nrp or /dal or /use
CPS /cps

the other policies could benefit as well, but as they are mostly all documents that are referenced in the above (and can therefore have full links) there is only a need for us internally to remember them this way. Another possibility is a generic policy springboard feature:

PoP /cod1 /policy/cod1
DRP /cod7 /policy/cod7

for the entire set of CCS / COD documents. However, this is fairly easily done as some sort of listing or table on the /policy/ page as above.


2008-09-15 14:34

developer   ~0001170

Last edited: 2008-09-15 16:20

also, any use to use the springboard to refer to wips/DRAFTS will annoy the current arrangement of "POLICYs on the main website, everything else is not full policy."

We could limit such an approach to just DRAFTs, and make sure that DRAFTs have their appropriate <big>This is only a DRAFT</big> warning in them.

But, we are still dependent in getting high profile docs to DRAFT, especially CPS. Well, maybe this issue goes away once we can solve bugs # 1,2, and get CPS to DRAFT...


2008-09-15 14:42

reporter   ~0001171

DRAFTs are effective - its WiPs that are the problem, and the only way to resolve it effectively is to brand them somehow. I've had a crack at this with the little logos but a watermark might be better.


2008-09-15 16:22

developer   ~0001172

One thing I find uncomfortable is another domain. like 'go' instead of 'www'.

But, it may be a good way to signal that this domain / URL is not the real policy ... it preserves the sense that the policy is only located in one place on the www.../policy/ place.


2008-09-15 16:24

developer   ~0001173

Sam, is the above apache markup good to go? It only needs to be put into action and tried out?

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