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0000564Main CAcert Websitewebsite contentpublic2013-01-15 02:36
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Fixed in Version2009 Q2 
Summary0000564: security contact information
DescriptionProvide informations on how to contact CAcert for security issues in CAcert software

  * email address
    * PGP/GPG public key (signed by 65D0FD58)
    * X.509 public key

Reference: (my request on cacert-support)
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2008-06-28 16:58

reporter   ~0001105

GPG is not much supported currently.

X509 has the email in the root certificates.


2008-06-30 17:26

reporter   ~0001108

Do you suggest that I should encrypt emails to with the public part of the root key? (that wouldn't make much sense to me)


2008-06-30 17:46

reporter   ~0001109

Anyone can send a clear text message to then get a signed email back in order to cipher the data.


2008-06-30 18:06

reporter   ~0001110

I never got a _signed_ message from, I will try to get one.

thank you for the hint


2009-04-09 13:36

administrator   ~0001351

I added a paragrah about reporting security issues:
Please review and close the bug.

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