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0000583Main CAcert Websiteweb of trustpublic2013-01-17 23:58
ReporterDaniel Black Assigned To 
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Fixed in Version2013 Q1 
Summary0000583: "Assure Somebody" allows future assurance dates
DescriptionThe date on the "Assure somebody" entry form allows future dates to be entered. There is also no indication of the date format. I'd assumed YYYY-MM-DD.

Due to an off by one (month) error on behalf of this user the following assurance IDs appear in 2008-08-24 instead of 2008-07-24

92082,92083,92084,92085,92086 ,92087 ,92088,92089,92093 ,92104,92105,92147
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2008-07-26 08:41

reporter   ~0001119

The date field is in fact free text. The real timestamp on the DB row is the official date of assurance (which is not displayed but can be accessible by support)


2008-08-25 23:58

updater   ~0001149

The comment of this field states: Only fill this in if you assured the person on a different day - means enter a date different then the actual date.
possible solutions: insert UTC times if field is empty.
and check field content if not empty against actual UTC

Werner Dworak

2013-01-10 17:29

updater   ~0003636

The initial idea was to allow kind of date entries in free text for special cases.

But finally there is a certain known date when the assurance took place, and this is written to the CAP form. So we can safely demand as an usual format YYY-MM-DD. Then we can check for a valid date not more than 24 hours in the future (to allow for differences in time zones) and not more than maybe 5 years in the past.


2013-01-17 23:58

updater   ~0003697

the date check is included in bug

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