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0000591Main CAcert WebsiteAudit issuespublic2013-05-11 15:30
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Summary0000591: CPS has to be improved for audit.
DescriptionPlease, the CPS doco has to be improved for the audit. All comments written in green have to be replied.

Unless completed, the audit cannot happen.
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related to 0000941 needs workUli60 Policy Repository Migration 
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2009-04-09 15:39

administrator   ~0001356

Has the URL changed, or is this bug solved?


2009-04-10 11:19

developer   ~0001363

The current wip CPS is at

Status: Philipp Dunkel has on his task list to go through it and reduce the green & red. It's in good shape, and more or less ready to go to policy group. Hopefully in timeframe of next month or so. Problem is, it is too big a document to digest easily, so there is a desire to get the whole thing easily votable. We'll see if that works out.


2010-01-14 12:47

developer   ~0001554

CPS was moved to DRAFT status (binding on community) p20091108.
CPS was placed on the main webserver at p20091106

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