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0000595Main CAcert Websitesource codepublic2013-01-15 02:49
Reporterkriss Assigned ToTheSourcerer  
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PlatformMain CAcert Website 
Fixed in Version2008 
Summary0000595: Arbitrary addition to list of email addresses valid to verify a domain as being under the control of the user.
DescriptionPlain and simple:[]

This will only work for the .jp domain, since spec'ing any other TLD will initialize the adds array to whatever the WHOIS information gives. Seems to be a case of register_globals + PHP being overly helpful in making an array for us + very, very bad coding standards from a security perspective.
Additional InformationYou'll find assigned to using this exploit, no certificate created / nothing to revoke. (PacketLogic is a trademark/product of Procera Networks and is owned by a local partner, so I don't foresee that anyone would have much of a legal or administrative issue with this.)
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2008-08-14 08:41

reporter   ~0001140

I have tried it. And it works. Thanks for reporting.


2008-08-14 08:56

administrator   ~0001141

I think I fixed that bug. Please test it. Does anyone have an idea, why the .jp domains were explicitly not using whois?


2008-08-14 11:49

administrator   ~0001142

Solution has been verified and acknowledged.

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