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0000606Main CAcert Websitetranslationspublic2013-01-15 02:57
ReporterNicolas Pouillon Assigned ToINOPIAE  
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Fixed in Version2012 Q2 
Summary0000606: French translation for "Assure Someone"
DescriptionOn main site, "Assure Someone" is at the same time the link caption for the link on side bar, and head line of email input table on the said page.

In french translation, "Assure Someone" became "Informations personnelles", which means "Personal information".

This translation could be good for the table headings, but clearly misleading for the sidebar menu: One is looking for something like "Assure someone", and must click on "Personal information"...
Additional InformationIf the two things can be translated separatly, I suggest the headind gets "Informations personnelles", and the menu caption "Assurer une personne"
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2008-09-24 11:42

reporter   ~0001209

The french translation is completely fucked up, I'm currently trying to fix inconsinstaces. If you want to help, have a look at


2012-06-22 09:33

updater   ~0003079

In the new translation tool this is already fixed with "Accréditer une personne".

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