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0000610CATS.cacert.orgUser Interfacepublic2021-08-25 13:34
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Summary0000610: use utf-8 as encoding
DescriptionUse utf-8 as encoding for all user visible strings to open the possibility to translate to non latin languages.
Additional InformationHaving unix style NL-only line endings would be nice too (saves space and the production system is using Linux anyway).
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2008-09-24 08:31

reporter   ~0001208

Yeah using utf8 everywhere would be nice. Translingo is using utf8 as encoding that could cause some issues when saving strings with non-ascii chars


2008-09-25 19:56

administrator   ~0001210

Using UTF-8 could cause trouble with legacy data in the database. So implementing it in the front end code is not enough. A database conversion script must be implemented too. Maybe a dump and restore with a recode in between will work ... needs testing though.

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