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Summary0000063: I issued ZERO assurance points by mistake
Descriptionthe default value for CAP is ZERO points

it is really easy to make a mistake when filling points for several people

At least an simle javascript can be added to warn the user before processing the assurance of ZERO point.
Additional Information> From: Erik Brakkee
> Subject: gave zero points by accident...
> Message:
> Hi,
> On 10-sept-2005 I tried to give Alex de Haan ( some points but it appears I accidentally entered zero points, but my intention was to give him 35 points.
> Is it possible to correct this?

We cannot currently modify assurance. and (my guess) we will never.

BTW, the issue have been mentioned previously, and on my side, we should ask the user to confirm when issuing 0 point

In a way, 0 could be you met the person and cannot trust him because he's provided fake ids. It can be considered by CAcert support as a (silent) warning about a user.
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2005-12-02 11:35

developer   ~0000053

Assurers can now contact to have an assurance revoked, and then correct the assurance mistake.

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